The Praying Woman is an online Christian owned boutique. We're based in sunny Los Angeles, California. However, we do not currently have a physical store. All sales are strictly online.

The Praying Woman boutique was established with a clear vision:

  • To allow Christian women to share their Faith through fashion
  • To provide clothing that women can wear with confidence
  • To provide exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service.
We offer a select choice of Christian t-shirts, clothing, accessories, and more.

Our T-Shirt designs are created by our very own Praying Woman team and are available in a variety of styles and colors. From the moment The Praying Woman boutique was founded, our mission was to create T-Shirts that were not only cute, but also made a powerful statement without you having to speak a single word. All t-shirts and accessories are made and shipped from the U.S. 


The Praying Woman Boutique is where style meets grace. 

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